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anWelcome to the Art Parties & Events
with Art Student Academy!

We offer a variety of ways for your group to have an amazing time! We can cater an art party to suit whatever needs and requirements your group would like to have and experience!

 Mom's Night Out Art Party

Just contact us with your questions at:

Email: or

Call: 919-880-7431 or 919-880-2858

Your investment in an art adventure ranges from just $30.00-$45.00 per participant depending on the event and your rewards are......priceless!

Thank you sooooo much for teaching our painting night that we had with our moms group!!!

You and Steve are such talented artists and we were honored to have you come and show us how to paint the garden landscape painting we chose for our group.

We LOVED all the paintings and were amazed how wonderful they all turned out although our experience level varied so much. You are both extremely patient and wonderful at explaining things in to simple terms that isn’t intimidating for beginner painters.

Can’t wait to do it again!! Thanks again, Christine

The following are our most popular Art Party events and can easily be tweaked to suit your needs.


We do some dynamite fundraising where everyone is a winner by the end of the event! Gather together a minimum of 10 participants and provide a location large enough to accomodate your group (bring them on!) and we'll come to you prepared to help you raise some serious money for your group while your participants, when they leave, are ready to participate all over again!

We work with all groups. Animal rescue, 4H, church, schools, daycares, corporate ...let us know your needs and we will create a fundraising plan for your group that keeps bringing them back!

Celebration Art Parties

Celebrate a special day or event and create not just fun memories, but a beautiful painting to remind you of the day! Gather together at least 10 participants and we'll come to you for a Celebration Art Party! Whether it's a group of children or a group of seniors, we'll spend two hours creating a beautiful painting! Perfect for birthdays, retirement or bachelorette parties, anniversaries, end of school name your celebration and we can help you achieve and celebrate it with a wonderful memory! You can also combine this event with our "Create and Paint Art and Wine Party!" at the Twisted Vine location in Wake Forest.

Corporate Art Parties

Just pure fun and relaxation! BYOB to really settle in! If you need to spend some time in the art zone, collect a minimum of 10 participants and we'll provide our famous "2 hour cure" :-). Shed the jackets and corporate attire, kick off your shoes and bring out that inner artist within you that everyone has! Weekdays and evenings usually available!

DId we say corporate? Also perfect for Mom's Night out, Garden Clubs, Country Clubs...any location where people want to gather for "the cure!" You can also combine this event with our "Create and Paint Art and Wine Party!" at the Twisted Vine location in Wake Forest


TEAM Painting Art Event-for all ages and all groups and families!

A team building activity to:

  • improve communication skills
  • build trust
  • utilize time management
  • strengthen collaboration skills

This is a great way to instill a sense of confidence and TEAM play while having FUN and creating a work of art to proudly display. Any group can benefit from the TEAM building where we divide large groups into smaller groups and each individual helps coordinate and create a painting that, when put together with other TEAM members, forms a complete image! Not just for businesses :-) Loads of fun and a great event for any age group ranging from teens to seniors. A great family event as well such as Mother's Day, graduations, holidays, and birthdays where everyone contributes to the final paintings!

What do we supply?

Think of us as Art Caterers! When we come to your location, we bring virtually everything!

All materials and supplies including

  • paints
  • paint brushes
  • canvas and boards
  • containers and cups for water
  • table coverings
  • paper towels
  • pencils/paper
  • reference photos
  • aprons
  • we can supply tables and folding chairs if yours are limited
  • us! professional artists whose tips and expertise take you and your painting far beyond what you expect!

What you supply:

  • your location
  • a water supply and sink for cleanup
  • friends, family and/or colleagues to join your art adventure!



Contact us to reserve your art event today at
or pick up the phone and call Theresa 919-880-7431 or Steve 919-880-2858 and let the fun begin!

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