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Student photos from Watercolor Wednesdays, photo on the right is a watercolor of a glass vase, her first painting from "life." The photo on the right is a students work from home brought in for some help with final details. 

I. Wednesdays, April 16 and April 30,  6:00 - 8:00 pm Instructor Steve

Wake Forest Art and Frame Shop, 139 S. White St, Wake Forest NC 27567watercolor koi


In these on-going classes we will explore various techniques while creating paintings.

You can bring in paintings you are working on for help or advice.

And of course, we will create a painting, after all, leaving a class with a finished painting sort of makes it worth while.

Note: If you missed our first classes and would like to start, come on! Bring your paints and paper and join in.

If you wish to give Watercolor Classes as a gift, there is an add to cart button specifically for these classes.

Continuing Classes  We will be continuing these classes, sometimes working on a single theme and other times going in individual directions. There might be homework.

Please take a look at the bottom of this page, there as some examples of my watercolors for you to look at. After all, you do want to know what your instructor can do, don't you.

Only $35. for one class
Only $50. for two classes

April Classes - April 30





Gift certificates available!

Watercolors by your instructor, Stephen Filarsky

steve watercolorsteve watercolor

steve watercolorsteve watercolor



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